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What is hosting & maintenance and why do I need it?

Website hosting is how your website stays live on the internet. Some DIY packages such as Wix or Shopify have hosting included in the monthly fee you pay but with WordPress, you organise your own. Reliable hosting is paramount for a website, you need to know that your hosting is not being shared with dodgy sites which can impact your speed and even your site security, some shared hosting servers can house up to 1000 sites!  The hosting I offer is on my own Cloud-based server, the only sites you will be sharing with are ones I build so there won’t be any dodgy dealings going on I can assure you! 

Reliable hosting also reduces your risk of hacking. It isn’t impossible but the risk is definitely reduced when you know there is no dodgy sites hosted on the same server as yours. This is where the website maintenance and care plan comes in. If you choose a plan with this packaged in I will maintain your updates on the WordPress admin dashboard, install my agency based security software and take backups of your site so you can be assured everything in my power is being done to stop an attack on your site. Unfortunately, sometimes every effort will not stop a determined attacker but you can rest easy knowing your site will have a back up stored remotely to get you back up as quick as possible. 

NB: You will be responsibile for security and maintenance this is not included with this plan