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There’s no vanilla here, just pure rainbow

Colour is my jam. In my other life I was (am) an artist. I understand how colour works and why people are attracted to your branding. I want to help you bring that to life on your website without you ending up looking exactly the same as everyone else with their out of the box cookie cutter templates.

You’ve invested in your personality so lets make it shine. 

I build custom websites for creative folk who want to stand out

My preferred website framework is the WordPress platform, not the free blogging sites from the nineties and noughties, but the open source software that over half of the websites on the internet are built on. 

I use WordPress so that your site can be as flexible as possible using custom coding if required to give your site that wow factor. I also really believe in people being able to access and have complete ownership of their sites after launch so you can be assured you will be able to access and make changes as needed to any of your copy or content. 

Absolutely amazing!!! I have the best website thanks to Lime Soda Digital!! ♡



the real me


Coffee is life!!!

It sure is, but a few years ago I had to give up caffeine so now I drink decaf. I thought I would be a death before decaf girl but turns out there are some amazing local coffee roasters here in Australia who make the best decaf  for which I am forever grateful. 



The best dogs in the world!

My Pablo follows me everywhere,  he is my constant companion, is always up for a cuddle and gets along with the cats.  He will often be asleep in his bed whilst Im working away although his snoring is somewhat loud. What more could you ask for in a dog?


I was hit by lightning.

True story, I was 5 years old walking with my mum holding her handbag when a strike of lightning hit the flag pole next to me and it earthed out through my hand on the clasp of mums bag. I am still to this day terrified of lightning and thunder.


I love to travel.

But not overseas. I love to travel our own country and explore little hidden towns, especially along the east coast. Over summer we can often be found floating in the ocean and exploring the rock pools of the beautiful Australian coastline.